Do you ever feel like you leave a lot of potential on the table after hosting a podcast interview?

To create unforgettable episodes and expand your reach of guests - quality interviewing skills are a MUST. 

The problem is - many believe if they are a good conversationalist, they automatically make a great interviewer. This simply just isn't true!

BUT! It's not their fault. And it's not your fault either. There isn't a lot out there on elevating your interviewing skills as your podcast grows! 

And it's really frustrating when you begin to feel that your show is outgrowing your hosting skillset.




Stuck in a cycle of less than stellar interview episodes?

Hey, podcaster - 


masterful interviewers:

Are decisive on air from proper prep + guest research - without wasting time

Have a toolbox of skills to deepen conversations naturally

Know how to ask questions to create unforgettable episodes + never before heard moments

Expand their network from their intentional + thought provoking episodes

Are confident + poised that their interview techniques match the influence of the guest


want to make this a reality? interview bootcamp is your blueprint to get there!

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if you want to become a masterful interviewer, you're in the right place

In this 5-video series, you'll learn the prep + interview techniques necessary to become a conversation master on the air.

module 1: successful guest research blueprint

If you've ever done hours of research, to STILL feel ill prepared for the interview, OR maybe you wing your interviews because you don't have a process for your research, this episode will be the key to this obstacle.

In this module, we cover the 4 places to complete your research, as well as the unique ways to actually apply this new info. As well as:

- How to properly conduct research
- Begin laying out the best questions for the guest
- Outline an actually *interesting* conversation
- The exact prep guide I give my clients

module 2: the prep

module 3: The non negotiables

module 4: The best way to ask q's

Ever feel like you're replicating conversations the guest has already had on other podcasts? After this module, you'll be equipped for never before heard moments. Learn how to :

- Ask questions that illicit the response the listener really wants
- One, easy to implement technique to allow the guest to provide more detail
- How to make sure the conversation is interesting even before hopping on the mic

In this module we are going to cover how to put those pieces of research together (that we learned in Module 1) to actually create a memorable interview experience for both the guest and the listeners.

In this module, we are covering the 3, non-negotiables for each interview. The items covered are:

- The importance of the second question
- The one easy trick to overcome an uncomfortable start to the conversation
- When to know to land the interview
- How to wrap up a conversation with this one type of question

If you're ready to overcome the obstacle of how to START and WRAP UP your next interview, this module is for you.

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module 5: psychology based techniques

This module might just be Elizabeth's favorite - and we can't wait to see if it's your favorite, too.

This module includes psychology based techniques to gain trust and rapport with your guest. These techniques are easy to learn, but will take practice to implement and perfect. 

In this module, you'll learn:
- Active Listening
- Power of Pause
- Ego Suspension

You've done so much work to prep for the interview! Now, it's time to fill your toolbox on how to ask the questions - and the key to bringing listeners back for MORE. In this module, we're covering:

- How NOT to ask a question - so you can actually get answers across clearly
- How to raise a plot to a point - and why this is essential for your listeners

Creating an interview that brings listeners back for your next one isn't always easy, but this module is here to show you the key to do just that.