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Imagine if...

You were able to create authentic and consistent podcast episodes every week

You were able to attract your ideal consumers through your podcast

You knew exactly how to communicate your story and expertise on the mic

You were able to help more people from your personal experience

You were able to take your authority in your space to the next level, naturally...

ready to make that a realitY?

Podcast launch Group program is your blueprint

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Launch Group Program

your blueprint to creating the show of your dreams


Want to make that
podcast a

Have you been thinking about starting a podcast for months..maybe years at this point?! 

If you're running a brand - whether solo or with a team - I know for certain that your schedule is TIGHT.

Which is exactly why I created the 8-week program that is the Podcast Launch Consulting curriculum.

You know your story is important - and you want to tell it! But you definitely don't have time to waste 'figuring out' how to build a podcast.

AND! You want to create a show with excellence - with the amount of quality you already provide to your clients through your brand.

Podcast launch consulting is your blueprint

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about the program

create amazing show accessories

This is the FUN part. We will cover the 6 items that make up your show, find your show intro music, and make sure to set your podcast up so it can be found easily by new listeners.

back end tech

Let's never let tech get in the way of your creativity! Together, we will set up your show's back end, connect to Apple + Spotify, etc. and organize all of your media so you're never overwhelmed!  We'll also cover how you can edit your own episodes or how to best communicate with your editor!

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project management

Let's refine what we've done so far! The Podcast Launch process isn't always linear, so let's take time to slow down and review what you've accomplished! We'll refine your resources, your pitching process, and organize your project management system with some checklists.

launch list

It's now time to launch! We'll cover your Launch List, check your RSS feed, and make sure your audience is primed and ready to go! 

tangibles + bonuses

To BEST set you up for launch, the team will create your Evergreen Intro+Outro and fully edit your first two episodes! Think of it as our little gift to you:)

Podcast launch consulting is your blueprint

Let's create the visuals of your podcast brand! We'll cover the 6 essential graphic templates you'll need to get the word out about your show! We'll also cover best practices for Instagram, Pinterest and Email.



Now it's time to record and pitch! We'll cover in person and remote recording as well as the best way to get a YES from your soon to be guests!

record first episodes + pitch!

To confirm your direction, we will complete a mock interview, cover interview best practices, organize your season pillars, and outline your first episode through my proprietary storytelling method! 

confirm direction before creation

become clear on your podcast purpose

At the start of our time together, we will narrow your focus, conduct market research, choose your format and create a dream guest list.


Owner of Elizabeth Evans Co - I'm a podcast producer, storyteller, and entrepreneur that helps lifestyle + business brands create quality, timeless podcasts.

I'm here to help you feel comfortable on the mic, increase trust with your audience, and use your story to impact others - without letting imposter syndrome get in the way.


hI! tHAT'S ME!


ready to make that a realitY?

Podcast launch Group program is your blueprint

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