Whether you're a a podcaster-to-be, an experienced host, or part of the creative team - this is your place to pave your podcasting path.

If you’re ready for clarity in knowing you’re ‘doing it right’, confidence in guiding timeless conversations, and wisdom on the most efficient + effective way to outline your episodes, join the waitlist today to be the first in line to become a member of the Podcast Studio.

Through monthly masterclass teachings, q+a’s, episode audits, motivational meditations, and more -

you’ll learn, experience, and step your way into creating quality podcast content.

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Pulling back the curtain.

We've worked on a few podcasts here and there.

So, what's the podcast studio?

Think of it like the Four Seasons for your podcast. It’s your space for enriching experiences, timeless wisdom, compassionate service, and elite training for your dream show. And you have an exclusive invite, friend.

Here’s where it gets legendary.

Each month, the Studio releases five star resources + trainings to bring your podcast to premiere status.

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There are many moving parts to Podcasting from content, interviews, pitching, guest logistics, tech, equipment, editing, etc. How can you know it all?!

This is where the MasterClasses will come in. Each month, a different topic will be broken down in detail to optimize each portion of your Podcast Workflow.

And just to ensure you have full understanding, there will also be a live Q+A call during the month to provide specific context around any obstacles you’re facing.

MasterClass Q+As

Think: Book Club, but for Podcasts.

Each month, a theme will be chosen, a podcast playlist will be curated, and an audio meditation will be uniquely created to help you keep your focus on your priorities.

This is your space to refuel your heart, mind + soul so you can continue to provide timeless content.

PS Club + Meditations

This isn’t as scary as it sounds, trust us.

This is a fan-favorite audio recording of a ‘raw’ episode submitted by a member with real-time audio recorded feedback by founder, Elizabeth Evans.

This is truly a unique experience to fine tune your show and individual episodes.

Episode Audits