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Stressing over what content to record? Not sure if your message is connecting with your listeners? Too overwhelmed to even start? I got you.

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fast track your podcast impact - for new podcasters.

14 Lessons I've learned over the last 3 years in the podcasting industry of helping hosts launch to top charts and feel authentic on the mic

- My top tips when it comes to communicating and interviewing your dream guests (and things you definitely want to avoid!)

- Key things to do increase relationship with guests and increase your impact

- What to expect when you start out and tips to avoid burn out!

14 lessons for your first year of podcasting


Do you ever feel like you leave a lot of potential on the table after hosting a podcast interview?

To create unforgettable episodes and expand your reach of guests - quality interviewing skills are a MUST. 

In this 5-module mini course, learn how to properly prep, create questions, and interview with style.




Stuck in a cycle of less than stellar interview episodes?

Take Me to the Bootcamp

season planning

This Custom-To-You offering provides brainstorming, planning, and organizing of your entire, upcoming podcast season. Cut through the overwhelm so you can prioritize what matters: your content.

Over 2 sessions, we will create a tailored plan forward for your season from guests, batching schedules, project management organization, and strategy to hit brand + podcast goals.

If you're ready to hop off the hamster wheel of content creation - this is your solution. 

Together, we will map out, plan out, and schedule out, your upcoming, 12 episode season.

We will organize the schedule into a prep, record, and promote season - individually. 

Your team, and your time, will be elevated and expanded from this two-punch combo of creativity and organization.

podcast season planning

A little overwhelmed from your last podcast season?


done for you approach

No worries. We have the solution.